UP Gallery 

Founded in 2009, UP Gallery(絕版影像館Uniquephoto Gallery in Mandarin) is Taiwan's
first gallery that solely dedicates in exhibiting photographic and moving image works.
Yichia Liao the founder of the gallery, also an artist/photographer foresaw the possibility
of photography in the world of contemporary art. The need for an unconventional space
and a platform for exposure of photographic art in Taiwan were crucial among his
visions, which lead to the establishment of the physical gallery space that is now
located in Hsinchu, Taiwan. UP Gallery, the initial gallery to introduce the concept
of editions to the audience of Taiwan has thrived to educate and promote the
photographic medium as art since its establishment.
The gallery with the total area of 600m²(three floors), and a parking lot which can
hold up to a capacity of 15 ~20 cars is highly equipped. Facilities such as:
central heating, indoor air management, UV germ-free indoor slippers,
audiovisual equipment, and conference rooms is a major step to alter
the traditional perceptions of photography galleries in Taiwan. 
Professional tour guides, photographic art courses, and a welcoming space
and staff have resulted in creating a prominent reputation among the
many galleries in Taiwan.
Currently, the gallery’s art director Agnes (Tzu-ning) Liao with an MA 
degree in Photography from Sotheby’s Institute of Art (London) is the
visionary leader of the gallery. Her interests lay in nourishing Asian
photographers and guiding them into the international art world. She is also
passionate in creating cross-cultural exhibitions and working with artists
around the world.Her main field of expertise is in contemporary art photography.


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